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“Logan and Nate were invaluable to my partners and I when we purchased Rosehill Office Plaza. Aside from bringing us a great opportunity, they helped us through all of the Due Diligence and underwriting. I recommend them highly.” Nick Gilbert

Whether you are a seasoned investor or this is your first purchase, we will help you with the following:


1. Find the ideal investment property.

  • Since we are actively calling and working with our internal network of over 5,000 buyers and sellers daily, we have access to an unparalleled inventory of properties for sale, many of which are off-market transactions. To be included in our buyer database so that we can provide you with exclusive buying opportunities, click here.

    • Before we ever bring a property to a prospective purchaser, we perform a complete valuation underwriting analysis and present this to the seller to make sure that the property is correctly valued and that the seller is in alignment on meeting the market. This helps all parties to avoid the frustration of unrealistic expectations and it also makes the selling process much more streamlined.


2. Underwrite the property and identify upside opportunities so you can maximize your return on investment.

  • As investment specialists, each of our agents underwrite hundreds of properties every year. By working with Newman Kelly, you can benefit from our experience since we will clearly outline:

    • How to get into the deal

    • How to make money in the deal

    • How to add value to the deal

    • How to exit the deal to maximize profit

3. Negotiate the transaction.

  • We are excellent negotiators and know how to negotiate a deal that is a win-win for both parties.

    • Our agents have negotiated and sold enough deals to have developed a “sixth sense” about buyer and seller motivations. You can trust us to give you good advice to steer the transaction to a smooth closing.

    • Having a broker is great because we are the buffer between yourself and the other party. You can share things with us and bounce ideas off us and we will filter this and only relay the information that is most advantageous. We have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients and we take this seriously.


4. Provide a debt solution if desired.

  • Most of our clients will usually utilize leverage to increase their return. Through our partnership with LMI Capital, we can help you to source the absolute best loan for the acquisition. Every deal is different and should be approached differently from a debt perspective because different lenders have different appetites for properties, which can vary based upon their current loan portfolios and capitalizations. We can offer access to multiple debt sources including:

    • Bank Financing

    • Life Insurance Company Loans

    • CMBS Loans

    • Conduit Loans

    • Construction Loans

    • Mezzanine / Bridge Financing


5. Work through the escrow process all the way through closing.

  • There are always challenges that come up with every transaction. Due to our transactional experience, our brokers know how to look for landmines and issues before they come up. Whether this means working with the buyer or seller’s legal counsel, working through title objections, survey matters, environmental issues, property inspections, or negotiating re-trades, we have seen it all. We are here to help and to be a leverage point to insure the deal closes as smoothly as possible.


6. Provide ongoing support and relationships, including leasing and management referrals.

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25241 FM 2978, Suite C

Tomball, TX  77375

Nate Newman, CCIM



Logan Kelly



Tom Costello

Senior Vice President


Jared Pinto

Vice President


Whether your interest is to buy, sell, hold or refinance, we have solutions that will help you to achieve your investment objectives.

Take a moment to call or email us and we will be happy to assist you.

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