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“We aggressively market our listings using a combination of targeted phone calls to our internal buyer list of over 5,000 buyers along with additional marketing distribution strategies to include CoStar, LoopNet, and email-based campaigns.” Logan Kelly

Our list-to-close track record is an astonishing 96.37% of strike price. We attribute this to a combination of our underwriting expertise, our internal buyer pool, collaboration with outside brokers, and good old-fashioned sales skills. We make outbound cold calls on every one of our listings and proactively work our deals. We never just “sit back and wait for the phone to ring.” As market leaders, we achieve great results for our clients through our aggressive marketing approach.

Newman Kelly utilizes a unique checklist for listing properties:

1. Every listing begins with a thorough Broker Opinion of Value which includes advanced underwriting to determine the market value of the asset. Our approach is a blend of science and art, because we combine in-depth underwriting with proprietary comparable sales and rent surveys.


2. We get aligned with the seller on the current market value of the property and list the property within the range of fair market value.


3. Newman Kelly will build a dynamic Offering Memorandum and other marketing materials and will “go live” with the listing, which will include targeted phone calls to likely buyers, email blasts, broker cooperation efforts, listing the property online including CoStar, LoopNet, Crexi, etc.


4. On average, we will source 4-6 offers on every property we list. Our goal is to broadly expose listings to the marketplace and position them so that we can drive as much competition as possible, resulting in better price and terms.


5. As expert negotiators with a fiduciary responsibility to our clients, we work with both sides to strike a deal that both parties are happy with and proceed to escrow.


6. We proactively handle challenges throughout the escrow process to make the closing as smooth as possible. There are always issues that come up in every deal, but we have the experience to know how to work through the problems and recognize potential landmines in advance, so that they don’t blow the deal up. We also take a lot of the workload off the buyer and seller’s hands by working with their real estate attorneys, addressing title objections, survey matters, environmental issues, property inspections, etc. Occasionally, it is necessary to negotiate a “re-trade” because of unforeseen issues identified through inspections or when there is a material change in value due to a decrease in NOI. These challenges are where deals often fall apart, but this is where we are most valuable, because we can objectively work with both parties to come to agreement on how to address the issue and keep the request as reasonable as possible. This is an art that takes years of transactional experience.


7. After closing, we remain in close contact with our clients and are there to help them either to purchase their next property or to offer referrals to any other professionals that are needed.


8. In the majority of cases, our clients that are selling properties will elect to do a 1031 Exchange. The 1031 Exchange is a tremendously important tool for real estate investors to build wealth, as it allows them to defer their capital gains tax. Around 70% of our sale transactions involve 1031 tax-deferred exchanges and as a result, we are intimately familiar with how to manage the timelines, entities, etc. We will also work with you on identifying your up-leg for your transaction well in advance of closing your property so that you are well prepared for the 45-day Identification Period.


With our unique approach to investment sales, we have achieved an incredible list-to-close ratio of 96.37% of list price on average. The numbers speak for themselves.


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25241 FM 2978, Suite C

Tomball, TX  77375

Nate Newman, CCIM



Logan Kelly



Tom Costello

Senior Vice President


Jared Pinto

Vice President


Whether your interest is to buy, sell, hold or refinance, we have solutions that will help you to achieve your investment objectives.

Take a moment to call or email us and we will be happy to assist you.

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